Matching Membership Program

In 1983, the American Physical Society established the Matching Membership Program in order to make APS membership available to physicists living in developing and hard-currency-poor countries. Through the Matching Membership Program, individuals residing in developing countries may apply for free membership (Matching Membership).

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    A free membership is available to individuals on a limited basis. Each applicant will be required to submit a CV and a personal statement describing why subsidized membership should be approved.
The term of participation in the Matching Membership Program is four (4) years, during which you will not be billed any membership dues. Matching Members will receive APS News and Physics Today as part of their membership. While no journal publications (e.g., the Physical Review series) are included in the Matching Membership Program, some participants may be eligible to access APS journals for free via other programs.
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As mentioned, each member sponsored through this program may participate for no more than four (4) years in order to accommodate as many physicists as possible. At the completion of the four-year term, all participants may be given the opportunity to re-apply for the program if they are unable to convert to the higher dues rate. Enrollment in this Program is limited to 1.5% of the current APS membership level.

We encourage the physical societies and institutes with which we share reciprocity to inform their members of this beneficial program. We emphasize that membership in the applicant’s national society is desirable to strengthen the association between APS and Reciprocal Member Societies.


If you have questions, please email APS Membership,