Policies & Guidelines

Attending Meetings

COVID-19 and Related Health and Safety Guidelines to Attend APS Sponsored Meetings
APS is focused on ensuring safe and productive meetings for all participants.

Code of Conduct for APS Meetings
Creating a supportive environment to enable scientific discourse at APS meetings is the responsibility of all participants.

Price Accessibility for Less-Resourced Countries: APS March, April Meeting, DAMOP, and DFD Registration Fees
APS announces a new registration pricing structure, available for in-person and virtual March and April Meeting, DAMOP, and DFD attendance. Scientists living in less-resourced countries should review the initiative to determine if they qualify.

APS Americans with Disabilities Act Statement
APS policy concerning meeting attendees needing accommodations

Focus Topics & Focus Topic Sessions
Requirements for choosing March Meeting Focus Topics

APS Meetings Social Media and Photography Best Practices
Social media is a great way to expand physic's reach to a broader community. APS encourages considerate and professional use to share your research and meeting experience with online communities and followers.

Advice When Registering for APS Meetings & Events
Reviewing your APS membership status before registering for an APS event, collecting the information you need to register, and knowing your registration type in advance will ensure APS can process your registration smoothly.

Letter of Invitation & Visa Policies
Read through APS policies and resources on obtaining a letter of invitation and visa and traveling to the United States to attend a meeting.

Submitting Abstracts

How to Submit an Abstract
Review the abstract submission guidelines for APS meetings.

Abstract Submission Policies
Refer to these policies when submitting an abstract submission.

Contributed Abstract Guidelines
Refer to these guidelines when submitting a contributed abstract.

Invited Abstract Guidelines
Refer to these guidelines when submitting an invited abstract.

Session Chair Guidelines
Instructions and advice for before and during your session

Speaker Guidelines
Organization and delivery tips


Logistics for Oral Presenters
Follow these guidelines to prepare for your talk at an APS meeting.

Logistics for Poster Presenters
Follow these guidelines to set up a poster presentation at an APS meeting.

Tips for Presenting a Scientific Poster
Hone your presentation skills to help market your work and meet others with similar scientific interests.

Tips for Designing a Poster Presentation
Design a compelling poster that will showcase and draw attention to your research.

Tips for Writing a Title and Abstract
Follow these tips to create attention-grabbing titles and scientific abstracts.

Best Practices for Virtual Presentations
Follow these tips for creating effective virtual presentations.

Exhibiting at APS Meetings
APS is grateful to our exhibitors for sharing their products and services with our meeting attendees, and we ask that exhibitors carefully review the terms and conditions and meeting rules set forth in our exhibitor agreement.

Sponsoring APS Meetings
Sponsoring APS meetings is an excellent opportunity for organizations to increase their brands' reach, and we ask that sponsors carefully review the terms and conditions and meeting rules set forth in our sponsorship agreement.