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Artist's rendition of jellyfish

From Mudskippers to Jellyfish, Aquatic Animals Inspire Robot Designs
For the APS March Meeting, early-career scientists shared their work on waterborne fauna.

three Pakistani students are presentation an honor

Satellite Events Connect Physicists Around the World to the March Meeting
Sites in seven countries expanded opportunities to participate and collaborate.

helium laboratory photo banner

An Inexpensive, DIY Setup Recycles Precious Liquid Helium in the Lab
At the APS March Meeting, researchers showed off a system for small labs to conserve helium used to cool sensitive equipment.

cicadas on tree

This Spring, the Cicadas Are Gathering Like It’s 1803
The 13-year and 17-year cicadas are emerging together for the first time in more than 200 years. Scientists still aren’t sure how they “count.”

People & History

Careers & Education

families and kids explore squishy science sunday

March Meeting Brings Squishy Science to Minneapolis Families
An afternoon of physics — and, well, cotton candy.

Polina Kofman stands in front of a water way

‘People Want to Help Us’: Ukrainian Student Attends March Meeting
With an APS travel grant, Polina Kofman joined 13,000 physicists in Minneapolis.

Building a Quantum Workforce Doesn’t Just Mean Graduating More Ph.D.s
To bring millions of new technology workers into the fold, nations must cast a wide net.

APS Bridge Program Grad Takes on Plasma
From Alabama to Los Alamos, Dylan Funk has always been intrigued by the fourth state of matter.

Enrollment in HBCU Physics Programs Has Declined For Years. A Site Visit Program Seeks to Help Reverse the Trend.
The pilot program, which leans on APS’s EP3 Guide, aims to help HBCUs identify blind spots and create strategic plans.

A flock of starling appear in the sky

That’s Not Physics
Where do the boundaries of physics begin and end? The debate has persisted for more than a century.

woman library photo

The Steep Price of Free Science Access
Governments and funding agencies have promised the public unfettered open access to research. Scientists could foot the bill.

Physics Needs Community Colleges
Two-year colleges help millions and boost the U.S. workforce. We neglect them at our peril.

The Department of Energy building

US Science Agencies Squeezed in Final Fiscal Year 2024 Budget
Agencies are bracing for another tight budget year.

congressional visits group photo

Grad Students and Postdocs Don’t Earn Fair Wages, so 91 Scientists Brought It Up With the Folks in Charge
For Congressional Visits Day, APS members met directly with congressional leaders and staffers on Capitol Hill.

Science Policy Highlights
Issues with NIST physics labs, call for federal award nominees, and more.

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