American Folklife Center Wikipedia Edit-a-thon
Credit: Ariel Cetrone (WMDC) via Wikimedia Commons

American Folklife Center Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2020

APS hosts an annual Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in collaboration with other organizations to create and improve Wikipedia pages that highlight the accomplishments of women and other historically marginalized groups in physics. An edit-a-thon event usually lasts about three hours and includes:

  • an introduction to the theme of the event by an expert,
  • a short training on Wikipedia editing,
  • opportunities for participants to write articles, and
  • reflection on what participants learned from the event about communicating physics to a wider audience.

Previous Edit-a-thons

APS’s most recent edit-a-thons took place as part of the April Meeting 2022 and March Meeting 2021, where participants collaborated to update and create Wikipedia pages focused on women and other historically marginalized groups in physics.

Edit-a-thon with Gladys West on zoom

At the Juneteenth edit-a-thon, Jess Wade speaks with Gladys West, PhD, a celebrated mathematician whose work has been pivotal in global positioning system (GPS) technology.

Juneteenth Edit-a-thon with Black in Physics

To highlight the work of Black physicists, APS has also partnered with the organization Black in Physics to host a Juneteenth edit-a-thon in 2021. This event honored the contributions of Black physicists while strengthening connections between physicists and the movement to support Black individuals entering the STEM fields. By bringing attention to the achievements of Black physicists so that diverse groups of people can see themselves in science, this edit-a-thon contributed to fostering a just and equitable environment where Black physicists can thrive.

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